Forsaken is a GMT based (European timezone) community clan on the oldschool version of the game (OSRS). As we are a community clan, we allow multiclanning, which means that we are not taking priority over other clans. As we are originally a GMT clan, it means the majority of our (PvP) events will be between 7 PM GMT and 10 PM GMT. However some events such as skilling competitions or PvM competitions go on day and night. With that said, we have members from all over the world. Forsaken first opened it's doors on the 27th of April 2010. We closed as a warring clan on the 5th of April in 2012. A few years after the release of oldschool, some Forsaken members got together and decided to reopen. We reopened on the 17th of May in 2015. After doing very well in the PvP scene we closed our doors as a warring clan. Our main focus was always F2P warring, but that scene slowly started fading away. As a result we closed as a warring clan on the 29th of October in 2017. After that, we basically turned into a community clan, which we still are to this date.


We aim to have 2-3 events hosted by staff each week. Examples are small PvM events or competitions, skilling competitions, fun events and P2P pk trips. We do offsite games as well now and then such as Tagpro, Cards Against Humanity or Curve Fever for example. In addition to that, many of our members play other games together as well. None of those events are mandatory, but we do require some level of activity from everyone.

People often ask us what does Forsaken aim for? Or how would you guys describe Forsaken? We will answer those questions below.


What does Forsaken aim for

Forsaken aims to be a place for everyone to enjoy. We have members from various main clans as well, but it's our goal to keep everything free of beef. To make this a place for everyone to enjoy we host PvM events, skill events, fun events and P2P pking. In addition we have our own PvM rankings and skill rankings as well! To keep our good community we have a active Discord server and we have of course this forum. Besides RuneScape a lot of Forsaken members play other games together as well. For example League of Legends, Counterstrike, Fortnite or World of Warcraft. Some even play Xbox or Playstation together!


Forsaken isn't just a clan, we're a family. We are one big group of friends who enjoy hanging out together. Our focus isn't just RuneScape, there is so much more we do together. People are always welcome to join our community. Even though we have a lot of high level content, we are a home to low level players as well. We welcome any new player without experience and we will gladly help you out with stuff! Hang around with us on Discord and post around on forums so you'll get to know us ;)


How would we describe Forsaken

Forsaken is a clan which has members from all over the world. It's a lovely group of friends, in which you will easily fit in if you give it a shot. We really have all sorts of people in here. We have ones which are really kind and are always up to help people, people which are funny as hell and some are sometimes as retarded as you can imagine. Young or old it doesn't matter. They all fit in Forsaken because we all have one thing in common: we care a lot about Forsaken and the community. We respect eachother and we put in effort together to make this a nice place for everyone.

Our view is obviously biased as staff of this clan. We can however 100% guarantee you this clan will be worth a shot, whether it is for the PvM, the skilling or the PvP aspect we offer you or just the community with all kind of events.



You can join Forsaken by writing an introduction. To do this, you need to create an account on our forums. You can do so by clicking here. Once your account is validated (PM any Council+ on Discord) you can write your joining introduction. We don't ask for a big application, just write a proper joining introduction. Our joining introduction can be found by clicking here.


What to expect as a Member of Forsaken:

  • - Around 2-3 events each week hosted by staff (there are events hosted by members as well).
  • - Access to full forums and every event we have.
  • - Active community on forums/Discord.
  • - New friendships and people to play the game with. In addition to that a lot of members play various other games together as well.


There are no requirements at all to join Forsaken. There are however various requirements when doing PvP for example, but those will be made clear once you are accepted.


Joining process

Step 1: Create a forum account

- Wait for your account to be validated or contact any Council+ on Discord/ingame.

Step 2: Introduction

- Post your joining introduction. Meanwhile it's a great idea to get to know Forsaken members if you didn't do so already!

Step 3: Junior member progress topic

- 24-72 hours after you have posted your joining introduction, you'll either be accepted or declined.

- Once accepted you'll get your own progress topic which you will hold for 2-6 weeks.

Step 4: Reviewing

- After your junior period of 2-6 weeks you will be accepted, declined or extended by staff.




Forsaken has a wide variety of fun events. This goes from P2P pk trips to hide and seek events. Besides that we also have frequent PvM competitions and skilling competitions. Below are some ingame pictures.



Forsaken used to be a warring clan. Especially F2P warring is the foundation of this clan, we value those memories and therefor we keep some old pictures up here. More can be read in our history at the bottom of this page.



Darkruler633 (Bas)


Playing since 2003 and clanning since 2004, Bas has been in some of the most succesful PvP clans this game has seen. After founding and leading Forsaken V1 to greatness in 2010, him and Ruler Mike5 decided to reopen Forsaken in 2015. With his great determination, insane dedication and shiny bald head, we're proud to call him our leader.



Initially Bolern was very quiet when joining Forsaken. As years passed by, he seemed to have lost all of that (blame alcohol?). This guy can't be missed in Forsaken's community. He has been in many big PvP clans prior to Forsaken, which makes him the pker he is to date. Bolern is always up for P2P pking and he has a lot of experience in both single and multi pking.




Carl is an oldschool player. He has been playing the game since 2002 (classic) and has been in various clans (both PvP and PvM) over the years since 2004. Being maxed ingame, Carl clearly knows what he is doing. Carl is responsible for a lot of our PvM and skill related events as he's very experienced with said events. No matter what you ask Carl, he will always help you out.



Upon joining Jordy was interested and experienced in both F2P and P2P warring. Coming to Forsaken young and immature, he's now grown up to be one of the smartest and hard working officials we have. These days Jordy isn't much into PvP anymore, but he is a big skiller who has a very nice ironman.





Joining quite late before we actually closed our doors as a warring clan, Michael came in with a bang. He quickly worked his way up to a Captain and he become one of our main callers during wars. Michael has loads of experience in clanning, he has been in many top clans. These days he still plays a big role in our PvP unit.



One of the most experienced clanners and players we have. Splodge draws his experience from being one of RoT's core members from 2008 to their closure. One of the most versatile PK'ers we have whose experienced in both F2P and P2P, single and multi. With his clear British voice, Splodge has lead us to many victories while we were still a warring clan.




The real MVP of this clan. Being one of the most important people in Forsaken, he takes care of every admin task on our Teamspeak and forums. Need help with your computer? Need help with your internet? Need help with scripting? Banana is the guy to go. Always ready to help, nearly always friendly, he's the best Admin we could wish for.



Chapter 1. "Risen from the ashes"

April 2010 - December 2010


In April 2010 Golden Sun came to an end. A number of their members, disappointed by their leaders that left them clanless, decided to make a new clan. Only eight days later, Forsaken was born. Those Golden Sun members were now leaders of their very own clan. These people were Ruler Mike5, Darkruler633, Grande 000, Jude1230 and Poolord12345. Knowing it wouldn’t be an easy ride, they were determined to make their new clan prosper and succeed. Forsaken’s initial start was by no means an easy outset. Fighting with numbers between 15 and 20 Forsaken slowly but surely started to secure wins, establishing Forsaken as a clan to stay. They laid down the foundation which would later on prove to be crucial for the clan’s success. They knew they wanted to be more than a Golden Sun remake.


Key players

  • Grande: Holding a rank in Golden Sun as well as Forsaken, he was the original warlord, motivator and caller of the clan. Determined to succeed, Grande never accepted anything but everyone’s best effort. His creed would mark Forsaken’s attitude throughout their existence.
  • Jude: Forsaken’s second in command alongside Grande, Jude would play an important part in Forsaken’s trajectory. Though initially struggling, he would later on become one of Forsaken’s best and most popular callers.
  • Darkruler633: Already in the first few weeks Bas was the leader most concerned about the community. Taking care of many practical things and communal issues, he made sure everyone’s achievements and efforts did not go unnoticed. Bas built the foundations upon which Forsaken’s community would thrive.
  • Ruler Mike5: When the going got tough, Mike was always the person to speak up and step up first. With sheer perseverance and a rare hands-on-mentality he would guide the clan through their rough patches, strengthening Forsaken’s resolve.


Facts and figures

  • Forsaken started out by pulling approximately 15 to 20 people. By the end of the year FSK made a name for itself by steadily pulling 30 to 40 people to prepped wilderness fights. The clan became known for its small memberlist and high activity, striving to pull 90% of their memberlist to every prepped wilderness fight. This trend would continue throughout FSK’s history.
  • One of the first friends FSK made was a clan called Runite Knights of Finland (RKoF). FSK would often embard on joint PK trips with the Finns, making them not just a friendly competitor but also a long-time ally.
  • The first rival Forsaken faced in the GMT timezone was Dutch Generation. During one particular fight in November 2010 Forsaken managed to pull 50 people, a record and impressive feat for a clan that was only several months old. It would not take long before FSK would surpass DG, fighting stronger opponents instead.


Heroes of the month

Key players in Forsaken's history were those who stood out as regular members:

  • May 2010: Hero570
  • June 2010: /
  • July 2010: Punane
  • August 2010: /
  • September 2010: Dutchman
  • October 2010: Guru
  • November 2010: Solid`
  • December 2010: Armer


Chapter 2. "Making our mark"

January 2011 - August 2011


As Forsaken consolidated its base the clan started to make a name for itself. This resulted in both negative and positive attraction. In terms of positive attraction this mostly meant a lot of new recruits. As the GMT clan scene began to stutter, Forsaken slowly but surely became a home for others who were left homeless after their clan’s closure. Forsaken’s warm community made them forget about their past rivalries, resulting in former enemies instead becoming brothers in arms. Our success was recognized by others, resulting in the Zybez ‘best newcomer clan’ award at the end of 2010. On the other side, success breeds jealousy. As was the case with Forsaken. Though, minor nuisances and rivalries rarely if ever meant a setback. Withstanding many tests, Forsaken continued to grow. During the summer of 2011, Forsaken managed to achieve some of its most important successes, beating many other GMT rivals and improving its organisation.


Key players

  • Mas1991: Sander joined FSK at the very start to soon be part of the sniper unit, SWAT, before making his way up to SWAT leader. Later on he would attain the rank of Captain and even Warlord. His hard work, solid calling and warm attitude made him a keystone of Forsaken’s very foundation.
  • Chrisyabsley: Chris was on the lookout for a new, fresh GMT clan that was predominantly oriented on PVP. FSK fulfilled those requirements so Chris decided to apply. His experience as Exercitum warlord made him a valuable asset as he would often organize spur PK trips to keep Forsaken's members active and motivated. It would not take long before he would take on the rank of Captain.
  • Ploxis: After the closure of Terminal, Ploxis was on the lookout for a positive GMT clan. He joined Forsaken after hearing positive things about the clan. His positive attitude and excellent work ethic made him a valuable asset, eager to improve and deepen Forsaken’s warm community. Through his work as Council he embodied what it meant to be FSK.
  • Countymad: Cameron was originally part of  the RSB scene, but his ambition led him to Forsaken. Swiftly learning the ropes, he eventually made it to Council, eager to prove the world what he and his clan were capable of.


Facts and figures

  • Consolidating steady 30 to 40 man pulls, Forsaken would continue to grow. It would not take long before Forsaken started pulling 40 to 50, sometimes even 55 people to prepped wilderness fights. With this surge in numbers Forsaken established themselves as a dominant force in the GMT scene, regularly defeating GMT giants such as TRWFFOOLS and NG. Forsaken also challenged themselves by fighting the likes of Brutality, Cheer Up, Solace and EoS. The GMT clans were anxious as Forsaken seemed to surpass these ancient giants, stating that Forsaken's dominance would not last past the summer of 2011.
  • Forsaken started the year off by fighting smaller clans, though new momentum meant FSK would soon start fighting bigger and better clans. Going from small, somewhat disorganized fights to bigger and tougher fights meant FSK had to step up its organization. A move that symbolized FSK’s transition was the choice for a new clan cloak and the signature purple:Fsk spam. The color purple would replace the classic F's and red cape.
  • Forsaken would often embark on spur F2P and P2P PK trips, facing clans in AEST as well as the GMT timezone. This would result in rivalries with two smaller clans, who in the end were not able to stand up to Forsaken and ended up closing. The combination of PK trips and big, planned run-ins kept Forsaken's members busy and entertained. 
  • One of Forsaken's phrases came to be during this time: Welcome to GMT. As TR ironically spammed it during a fight, Forsaken decided to adopt it as their personal slogan. This was a defining moment in Forsaken's history. It was the spam with which we would welcome our various opponents.


Heroes of the month

Key players in Forsaken's history were those who stood out as regular members:

  • January 2011: Jafkk (Jaycor1)
  • February 2011: P L Rang3d
  • March 2011: Rickey
  • April 2011: Maggot666 s
  • May 2011: Maik (Feyenoord36)
  • June 2011: Guru
  • July 2011: ^Thomas^
  • August 2011: Durgs Tank


Chapter 3. "Build a rocket boys"

September 2011 - April 2012


By the end of the summer of 2011, Forsaken had become a well-established and respected GMT contender. Forsaken made their case in early September, showing the clan world they had the ambition to break into the top ten. Clearing FOOLS within an hour, outperforming AA in their own timezone and ending RR during a late EST weekday fight were all signs that Forsaken was on the rise and ready to take on more.


To make that push, Forsaken had to challenge themselves. And challenge themselves they did. Even though Forsaken was primarily PVP-oriented, both members and officials realized clan wars practice was a necessity in order to improve organization. So they practiced against CWA teams while simultaneously challenging a number of top clans in the GMT timezone. They knew that this was what had to be done in order to make that push in terms of quality. That practice paid off, allowing Forsaken to compete with the likes of TT, RSD and even comfortably beating Solace after they called FSK a 'fourth rate clan'.


Of course it wasn't all sunshine, lollipops and rainbows. At times Forsaken struggled, losing fights against clans they were eager to beat. Forsaken would sometimes even get crashed or sniped by opponents who were defeated during previous fights. However, it never meant Forsaken's members and officials gave up. It was only ever a reason to continue to try and improve. That struggle defined the clan. By the time Forsaken came to an end, Forsaken was a stable and respected top ten clan.


Key players

  • Mike^ (Michele Ac): The Belgian helicopter, Mike, joined Forsaken after his previous clan, TRWF, closed. Though he had many friends in Forsaken, it was never a reason for him to leave TRWF. The day TRWF closed, Mike applied to join Forsaken. He was quickly accepted and it would not take long before he would take on the rank of captain, playing an essential part in the caller line-up required to challenge the many top clans Forsaken fought.
  • Chris (Cdishere): Chris, or 'Goatman', had plenty of experience in the clan world and brought exactly that to FSK. Friendly, smart and always down for some banter he was a great addition to Forsaken's warm community. Eventually he was promoted to the Council and would help the staff with a variety of leadership decisions and tasks.
  • Jules (Bloodlover): Initially leader of GMT competitor RE, he would later join FSK to soon make it to Captain. His inventive calling and overall resourcefulness quickly made him a valuable addition to the clan.
  • Guru: Everyone's favorite Latvian joined Forsaken very early on and was one of Forsaken's most loyal members. As a member of the Council he communicated and operated in a very clear, constructive and critical fashion, making hem an excellent addition to the staff.


Facts and figures

  • Forsaken enjoyed a tense rivalry with GMT competitor The Rising. Though at the time of writing TR has become more of an EST clan, in 2012 TR were the last GMT clan ahead of Forsaken. FSK may have come close, but they never truly threatened TR's position in GMT as TR simply outnumbered Forsaken. Nonetheless, the rivalry resulted in heated relations between the two clans and functioned as a catalyst for Forsaken's success. 
  • By the start of 2012 Forsaken comfortably defeated DownfallEcho of SilenceBrutality, and Corruption. Whereas Forsaken struggled against the latter two in earlier fights, by the new year it was clear that Forsaken surpassed them in terms of quality and performance. All four were clans that were convinced they were better than Forsaken. From that underdog position Forsaken managed to outperform all four.
  • Towards the end of the summer of 2011 Forsaken continued to pull over 50 people to fights, resulting in a record 68 man pull in early January. As Forsaken started to break into the top ten it still had one of the smallest memberlists in the clan world. In terms of numbers on paper Forsaken was a top 20 clan, but in terms of activity and performance it came close to the top 10. Forsaken always prided itself in its high activity and high expectations from its members, making sure that all those who were involved gave it their best shot. Keeping that activity high was an essential aspect of Forsaken's rise.
  • Forsaken came to a close in April 2012. As many of the officials were no longer able to bring up the time because of a variety of real life obligations the staff decided it was for the best to close. Forsaken ended on a high. This is the third and final chapter of Forsaken's history, but as you probably realize it is by no means the end. In 2015 Forsaken reopened to become the clan that it is today. Now you know their history, now you understand what it means to be Forsaken.


Heroes of the month

Key players in Forsaken's success were those who stood out as regular members:

  • September 2011: Pgx
  • October 2011: Smokey
  • November 2011: Paganini25
  • December 2011: Floyd Rune
  • January 2012: Clint
  • February 2012: Encore
  • March 2012: Ali


This is the history of Forsaken V1. The history of Forsaken V2 is yet to be written.