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  1. Recruitment Center

    1. Community Introduction

      Post your introduction here if you wish to join Forsaken! You can also apply for the Friend rank here, or you can simply say hello.

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  2. Gaming Center

    1. Forsaken Events

      Recaps of events Forsaken had are posted in here.

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      419 topics
    2. RuneScape

      Goals, achievements, drops, clan discussion or general discussion about RuneScape.
      Our history can be found in the clan discussion section.

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    3. Forsaken PvM Rankings

      In here we have the Forsaken PvM ranking list and our Skill ranking list. There are subforums with guides for all (group) bosses in RS and several skills.
      Rankings are only available for Junior+

      25373 posts
      98 topics
    4. Forsaken Skill & Slay & PvP Rankings

      In here we have the Forsaken Skill, Slay & PvP rankings. There are subforums for each of these rankings.
      Rankings are only available for Junior+, this section is only viewable for Junior+ as well.

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    5. General Gaming Discussion

      Anything related to games which do not have a specific forum part.

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  3. Public Section

    1. Information About Forsaken

      Our rules, history, who we are and what we do can be found here.

      Rules | Guide on screenshots

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    2. Chill Room

      Post whatever you want here, welcome to the famous Chill Room. Get the beers in!

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    3. The Pub

      The Pub is the place where anyone can post anything! Whether you have a question, request or anything else you wish to share.

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    4. Sports

      Anything related to sports or fitness can be discussed in here. There is a special subforum for health and fitness!

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    5. Media

      The place to share music, discuss new movies or some TV show. There is a subforum for all graphics as well. This includes all Forsaken graphics.

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