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  2. Koby


    ye using bas advises
  3. Drop received: Justi legsDate of drop: 20 may 2019Shared or FFA?: SharedOther participating members: @DoSoQi @Meulendijks4 Screenshot:
  4. kbdick


    wtf 7 bucklerss? u big mercher u, gz
  5. Out


    Finished selling 7 twisted buckler Your luck at raids is actually insane btw
  6. Drop received: UnsiredDate of drop: 2019-05-20Shared or FFA?: FFAOther participating members: Screenshot:
  7. Koby


    Drop received: bulwark Date of drop: today Shared or FFA?: ffa Other participating members: @Snoozey @Meulendijks4 Screenshot:
  8. I'll be there next week
  9. Looked like alot of fun, gj.
  10. made like 5m loot ty for pk
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