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  3. Jubita


    Ty xoxo
  4. That big
  5. Koby

    formula one

    Used to be one of greatest drivers in the grid back in a day
  6. Hey nice stats, making them all 98?
  7. Yesterday
  8. Drop received: verac helm, torag hammers, karil coif Date of drop: 23/03/2019 Shared or FFA?: Other participating members: Screenshot:
  9. Drop received: zenyte shardDate of drop: 23/03/2019Shared or FFA?: Other participating members: Screenshot:
  10. Adam

    formula one

    Robert Kubica dude
  11. Adam

    Bolern v kbdick

    Id go for bolern since he is more degenerated my nigga right there levi is more like sophisticated one, cut the shit off love it
  12. Cedric

    formula one

    not my thing
  13. yo seen ur name around df
  14. Nytram

    formula one

    This. I still watch it when i'm hungover in bed though. Will be another boring Hamilton season.
  15. mfw i actually forget about arma 2 lmfao
  16. Zenaz

    formula one

    Wasn't expecting that win either. Poor Daniel Ricardo
  17. Matt

    formula one

    Rich white man's sport imo
  18. Welcome, have a nice time!
  19. Koby

    formula one

    Any fans of formula one around? The new season started last sunday. Wast expecting that Botas will win 1st race. Hope it wont be one sided mersedes season.
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