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  2. Drop received: Magma mutagen Date of drop: 23-1 Shared or FFA?: Other participating members: Screenshot:
  3. Drop received: Zulrah Pet Date of drop: 23/01 Shared or FFA?: N/A Other participating members: N/A Screenshot:
  4. Aint no 99 fletching cape
  5. Bankloot drop dude, nice
  6. You better not be getting anymore legs dude, they're all mine!
  7. Rickeh_2

    Chill Room

    I'm also really not enjoying Xinna on rs atm
  8. Nothing special but first time since pre-eoc since I've had quest cape.
  9. Welcome man, Brits taking over.
  10. Yesterday
  11. Ronnie

    Alchemical Hydra

    Drop received: Hydra's claw Date of drop: 22-1-2018 Shared or FFA?: FFA Other participating members: No Screenshot: https://gyazo.com/a489f879eab4f287e73376d7a17e145b First claw https://gyazo.com/fe7ac80fb111e903bd6d00ed686f4bcb second claw Everything in total
  12. Drop received: Arma Chainskirt Date of drop: 22/1/19 Shared or FFA?: Shared Other participating members: @[email protected] Screenshot:
  13. Moses


  14. Welcome mate and good luck!
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