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  1. Buster

    twisted bow

    Good shit koby, persistence pays off!
  2. Forums | Discord: https://discord.gg/gGGr2Bp | GMT Based Community Clan | Forsakenclan cc ingame | Recruitment topic Forsaken Family Vs Wilderness Guardians 29th April - 6th May After several months trying to get a PvM comp, even asking some clans that were definitely out of our league for PvM, Wilderness Guardians decided that they would attempt to break the Forsaken record. Previously the La Familia de Forsaken had shown Wilderness Guardians the door by successfully beating them with a final score of 3 - 0 to Forsaken Family. Although significantly out numbering us, the Forsaken Family was raring to get stuck into this PvM Comp and show other clans who the true champions were and still are. The winner of the Competition was decided by the following: - Total Points - Total Gp If FSK and WG tied then the tie breaker category was: - Pets This PvM comp was packed with desperate attempts from both sides to take the lead. Wilderness Guardians manage to storm ahead in the GP category early on by getting an Elysian Sigil on the 2nd day of the comp! Luckily the Forsaken Family did not give up hope and focused on ensuring the win of the Total Points category. During one of our long full days of raiding, 7 of the finest Forsaken Family members managed to reel in a Twisted Bow! This sparked the Forsaken Family fire, meaning that we were not going to be satisfied with a 2 - 1 win. The pet grind was on! The final day of the comp we massed up at Scropia where Carl managed to get the Scorpia pet! During this time Will managed to snipe himself a Kraken pet and Out during a trip of DKs picked himself up a nice Prime pet. Giving Forsaken Family the win in both Total GP and Total Points, as well as the tie breaker category of Pets! Results of the Comp Forsaken Family: 401 Total Points Gained 2,398,273,000 Total Gp Gained 4 Pets Gained Wilderness Guardians: 241.5 Total Points Gained 1,229,946,000 Total Gp Gained 2 Pets Gained Forsaken Family Takes The Victory With A Score Of: 3-0 Google Spreadsheet: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1K5nYVwYBUwH_TYk3HmUJcQ8HqrZLZolk9KLwR6hgrzQ/edit#gid=0 Forsaken Family: Wilderness Guardians: A big Thank You must go to Wilderness Guardians, and in particularly Thott, for setting up and agreeing to have a PvM Comp against us, when every other clan declined us. Contribution To PvM Comp: (Added To Pvm Seasonal) Major Drops From Forsaken Family:
  3. Drop received: jart of dirtDate of drop: 5/5/2019Shared or FFA?: soloOther participating members:
  4. Drop received: Onyx boltsDate of drop: 1st Of mayShared or FFA?: FFAOther participating members: Dont remember but dont really matter xdScreenshot:
  5. Drop received: TridentDate of drop: 1/5/19Shared or FFA?: SoloOther participating members:
  6. Drop received: Zenyte ShardDate of drop: 30/4Shared or FFA?: ffaOther participating members: N/A
  7. Drop received: Sara SwordDate of drop: 29/04Shared or FFA?: SharedOther participating members: @DomccasScreenshot:
  8. Buster


    Too wasted to even come on rs
  9. Buster

    Queen Frouke

    Happy Birthday Frouke
  10. [MEGATHREAD] FORSAKEN PvM DROP LOG This topic is for all our PvM Drops obtained during the Competition against WG, please make sure your drops are posted in this topic with FSK V WG and 3 Digit code (Given just before start) visible in your chatbox for drops to count. ***KEEP THIS TOPIC FREE FROM SPAM POST'S, ONLY DROP PICS THANKYOU*** Both Clans will make their Megathread topics public. WGs Megathread: https://www.wildernessguardians.com/forums/topic/5105-megathread-wg-pvm-drop-log-fsk-vs-wg-pvm-comp/ 3 DIGIT FOR PICS # 579 3 DIGIT FOR PICS # 579 3 DIGIT FOR PICS # 579 3 DIGIT FOR PICS # 579 3 DIGIT FOR PICS # 579 Drop received: Date of drop: Shared or FFA?: Other participating members: Screenshot: Don't forget to add in the names you shared the drop with for your PvM points!! DROPS MUST BE POSTED WITHIN 2 DAYS OF OBTAINING OR ELSE THE DROP WILL NOT COUNT TOWARDS THE COMP! For information on the Comp please visit this topic: https://www.forsakenclan.com/forum/index.php?/topic/15812-pvm-comp-wilderness-guardians-vs-forsaken/
  11. START DATE: FRIDAY 19TH APRIL 00.01 AM GMT END DATE: MONDAY 22ND APRIL 23:59PM GMT Drop received: Date of drop: Shared or FFA?: Other participating members: Screenshot (full RS screen, taken when you get the drop): Point List (With 50% Added): Raids Tekton: Onyx - 10.5 pts Chambers of Xeric: Dexterous prayer scroll, Arcane prayer scroll - 4.5 pts Twisted buckler, Dragon hunter crossbow - 10.5 pts Ancestral robes (hat/robe top/robe bottom), Dinh's Bulwark, Dragon claws - 15 pts Twisted bow, Kodai insignia, Elder maul - 22.5 pts Pet - 37.5 pts Chambers of Xeric: Challenge Mode Metamorphic dust - 18 pts Theatre of Blood: Avernic Defender Hilt - 4.5 Justiciar Faceguard - 7.5 Justiciar Chestguard - 7.5 Justiciar Leggurds - 7.5 Ghrazi Rapier - 10.5 Sanguinesti Staff - 10.5 Scythe of Vitur - 22.5 Pet - 22.5
  12. Yeah same as what Dox said. Although playing rs doesn't use up alot of ram, having multiple clients / playing rs and another game will start to suck up that ram. Especially apex, i got problems with apex and its because i dont have alot of ram.
  13. Good job everyone who took part. Gz to Lordy, Koby and Robby for winning. Pm Bas to collect your prize money!
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