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  1. meh its one of those sales schemes to bring more bonds to the game with mum and dads credit cards
  2. wilderness guardians cutthroat or zero tolerance
  3. next time it will say tbow
  4. callum


    gonna be intresting both teams got no trophies its anyone ones game but rip bas. cuz we got salah
  5. gz going to plant gp seeds and farm gold ?
  6. callum

    Chill Room

    just chilling some ffa cox
  7. https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLywWGW4ILrvpqqkgKRV8jpZMaUPohQipP
  8. shit game would rather play rs3
  9. nice i like the parts
  10. 1. Post a screenshot of you ingame with your stats visible: - https://gyazo.com/1594d3b366e79541d56976e76253db06 2. Current and past display names: A A - 3. Combat level: - 123 4. Preffered name/real life name: - callum 5. Discord username (if you don't have Discord yet click on this link). Remember to always idle in Discord when you are on your pc: - 6. Tell us a bit about yourself IRL (at least 40 words are required): - well i work as a bouncer im abit of a cunt i like to chill on rs when im done working. i do abit of Thai boxing and mma and some bjj during the week and get steaming if im not working on friday or a Saturday night. 7. What do you like to do in OSRS (PvM/PvP/Skill)? - abit of everything 8. List your clan history, include why you left clans or teams. - 9. Where did you hear about Forsaken? - i forgot tbh im sure was in the ge one time but its not my first time here 10. When accepted as a Junior, as stated in the rules here we require you to check forums daily. Are you aware of this? -yes 11. When accepted as a Junior you will also have a progression topic. You have to attend a minimum of 3 events in 5 weeks before you are accepted as a full Member. Do you have any additional comments for your joining introduction?
  11. speaking of christmas events how about a christmas day raid before i go to tunisia
  12. welcome nice name lemon bars i see that a round a few times you go to corp ffa ?
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