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  1. UB40

    [Updated]Duo Acb

    why the fuck were you doing arma at 5 am
  2. UB40

    [Updated]Hydra Heart

    ffs this rng
  3. Drop received: Hydra Claw Date of drop: 16-6-2019 Shared or FFA?: - Other participating members: - Screenshot:
  4. Drop received: 2x Hydra tail & Hydra heart (brimstone ring #3) Date of drop: 13-6-2019 Shared or FFA?: - Other participating members: - Screenshot:
  5. UB40


    lol you got scammed the steering wheel is on the wrong side
  6. UB40


    back at it again with a white van
  7. UB40

    most popular beer

    Because Jupiler bottles are tiny and you can brag to your friends you had 10 beers without feeling anything. I like Hertog Jan, a lot of German beers as well such as Stuttgarter Hofbrau (what ive been drinking last 5 months here)
  8. very nice screenshots lmao welcome dude
  9. was fun sorry for leaving a bit early, ty for split koba
  10. Drop received: Hydra Eye & hydra heads & hydra fang Date of drop: 7-6 & 8-6 Shared or FFA?: ffa Other participating members: - Screenshot:
  11. Drop received: Ancestral robetop Date of drop: 3-6-2019 Shared or FFA?: shared Other participating members: Feyenoord, Kobayashi, Beke Screenshot: (including Nittemares asking for me teaching raids lol
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