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  1. Some total war games, pubg and otherwise i do 2 DND 5e sessions a week as well
  2. Welcome man! another brit to the ranks!
  3. I died laughing when this happened grats dude
  4. Mcbasher

    Holiday 2019

    None cos im poor as fuck
  5. @Nytram Im talking about players at a high county standard, most pub pool players no but players good enough to represent county normally are that decent.
  6. Good pool players will make decent snooker breaks of 50+. exceptional pool players will be century breaking snooker players (100+) very few pool players attain a professional status in snooker, The style of game is very different. Most professional pool players are very attacking and will break and clear tables without giving the opponent a shot, snooker is much slower and safety paced which a lot of players struggle with. Mark selby won the pool world championships like 10 years ago while also winning as a pro snooker player, but hes one of the few that has. I'd say im at the standard where i could represent my county at pool but not enough to go pro/national thats for sure. Last time i played a pro was the reigning european champion at the time Karl sutton, I got one shot in 3 frames, pro is just ludicrous.
  7. Havent done a seasonal event in years lol
  8. Fair enough, was curious - ive played pool and a little snooker competitively for the last 8 years, played a few national tournaments in pool (got nowhere) and just tonight came runner up in the final of a local comp Let the hustle begin l0l
  9. the pots thing is fucking genius and i am a twat for not knowing this