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  1. Drop received: Arcane Prayer Scroll Date of drop: 8/2/19 Shared or FFA?: Shared Other participating members:@WillG @sheldini Screenshot: My first Raid drop in my name. but we double staked it! 6M each instead of 1.5M😁
  2. Fundraiser for rigour
  3. Drop received: Arma Chainskirt Date of drop: 22/1/19 Shared or FFA?: Shared Other participating members: @[email protected] Screenshot:
  4. Salty Gamer. Must be avoided at all costs. Good to see you finally intro
  5. Drop received: Tassets and Godsword Shard Date of drop: 20/1/19 Shared or FFA?: Shared (Tassets Anti Crashed too :D) Other participating members: @onesidedkiwi Screenshot:
  6. Sheldon.. I wouldn't both putting wills and 1 can't trade names in as they ain't in the clan. Try presuade will to join
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