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HI im Beavers, (irl names are: Anthony, Tony, Annabelle, Annie)... I would like to preface my irl introduction by saying that when I was younger I always wanted to be an actor, that mixed with being the oldest boy among 3 younger sisters I became very comfortable and in-touch with  my feminine personality traits... I am a straight man, however there have been moderate time extents of my life where I wish I would have been born a woman while still being attracted to women (lesbian)... This goes as far as me saying that I identify as Gender Fluid , but Im not here to preach the psychoanalytic theories of Gender Studies...
       So yeah, I am currently 25 years of age (July 27th) and I am a full time student pursuing a BS in Electrical & Computer Engineering with a Minor in Applied Mathematics. I am 2 classes from getting my AS in Electrical Engineering.... I was in the United States Marine Corps for 5 years, and am currently in the "Inactive Reserve" component of my contract. I am an E-4 Corporal and my occupation was Aviation Radar Technician 5948...
       I have been playing rs since I was 13 years old (2006), back then I fell in love with afk skilling (woodcutting) and bossing (kbd/kq), when i turned 16 i started pking... I had a AGS PROD build, as well as my main that i Brided with... I never joined any clans back then because I had a very small group of irl friends that played with me... Now adays I PVM (500+ cox kc) (0 tob :C) and brid on my main with my clan of streamer friends "Dads Who Dab"...
        last year when I came off of active duty I started looking for a nice community clan to join... It has taken awhile to find one that fits my hybrid playstyle... I have been streaming for 3 years at twitch.tv/zzilovebeavers (only last year taking it seriously)... I have showcased Annabelle to hundreds of people online, the highest view count i got drag streaming was 423 (thanks to a few raids)...
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