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  1. Taengo

    Scythe of Vitur

    clearly faked
  2. kieran and will looking good, my boys. bring back the juicy gossip for the lads
  3. 1. Post a screenshot of you ingame with your stats visible: 2. Current and past display names: - Quavho - Al Bridladen 3. Combat level: - 109 4. Preffered name/real life name: - Taengo/Irl friends call me Az 5. Discord username (if you don't have Discord yet click on this link). Remember to always idle in Discord when you are on your pc: - Taengo#6401 6. Tell us a bit about yourself IRL (at least 40 words are required): - Born and bred in the UK, software engineer 24 years old. Currently working as a developer for a defence/military company. I enjoy travelling and hardstyle music mainly. 7. What do you like to do in OSRS (PvM/PvP/Skill)? - PvP, only PvM if there is some gp to be made. 8. List your clan history, include why you left clans or teams. - Too long to mention, played RS since 2007 been in a whole load of clans like TBC, Rot, AF, RDK, Brut, AF, TR I can't remember the rest. 9. Where did you hear about Forsaken? - Google and FSK Kieran is my irl friend. - Been lurking since Jan training up since level 20 to join this clan so I got to know most of the members. 10. When accepted as a Junior, as stated in the rules here we require you to check forums daily. Are you aware of this? - I am aware now. 11. When accepted as a Junior you will also have a progression topic. You have to attend a minimum of 4 events in 8 weeks before you are accepted as a full Member. Do you have any additional comments for your joining introduction? -
  4. Hello Ashley, spoke to you a bit on discord nice to see you app
  5. Taengo

    Tune Of The Week #81

  6. Taengo

    1 gp for t bow

    Thats going to be a lot of ad revenue for this spas.
  7. Will see you at COX again within a month
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