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  1. The wanted - Could this be lobe 😂
  2. Dillen

    elves quest

    Still haven't done the quest and it's the last one for me to get my quest cape back 😓
  3. Dillen

    Tune of the week #89

    Powerwolf, eyy goes home everyday!!!
  4. Had my thoughts of start to play but not sure if I'm willing to spend my life time on it 😂
  5. Thanks, Yes I will do that if needed 😝
  6. I hope so too! Maybe this one, I find it good: How does every Swedish joke start? - By looking over your shoulder
  7. Indeed we did, before summer and I used to hang in the discord at that point too. But thanks!
  8. Not sure what to answer on this one? 😂 @Out
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