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  1. selling minecraft diamonds for osrs gold
  2. Peyj

    elves quest

    Quest was pretty nice I enjoyed it wasn't hard to do and didn't take too long with the wiki guide. Content wise, divine potions are nice and there are some nice skilling stuff within prif. Agility course is pretty neat for pre-90 agility, there's a pretty good teaks spot for woodcutting incase you dont have them on fossil island. Crystal tree is pretty much cheap af magic tree you can plant and doesn't die. Zalcano is pretty neat but horrible in big groups because you barely do any damage and I think the damage you deal affects the loot you get. Getting MVP in zalcano doubles your loot rolls and you get two items, so probably better to solo it or with a smaller team. Me, ronnie, tom & brands did it for abit made like over a mill in 10 kc Gauntlet itself its pretty much dungeoneering quite enjoyable if you're into it but the rewards are pretty horrible unless you get the sword. I wish they would've added more PvM related content, such as a new slayer master catered around bosses or high level slayer content. TLDR; Prif is pretty much just a elven city for skillers.
  3. Peyj

    Adam Cf

    Has a mental breakdown in discord and flames everyone takes a chillpill couple days later comes back in discord doesn't remember what happend before and starts blaming the entire clan for his bad rng and that the clan doesn't do raids (even tho the clan raids like everyday) and leaves, day after apparently gets hacked according to your messages ingame and now wants to come back. I dont know what you're on but it definetly isn't normal.. find some help m8 goodluck.
  4. gz to me @Nytram undeserved
  5. rip i ended up with the entire outfit at 255kc guess im lucky
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