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  1. Thanks for the warm welcome guys
  2. 1. Post a screenshot of you ingame with your stats visible: 2. Current and past display names: 420who am i 3. Combat level: 122 4. Preffered name/real life name: Jason 5. Discord username (if you don't have Discord yet click on this link). Remember to always idle in Discord when you are on your pc: Ukjasonuk 6. Tell us a bit about yourself IRL (at least 40 words are required): Male, 26, occupation EC&I Technician (Electrical Engineer). a quiet guy like to have a laugh. I've played runescape for almost 15 years now. Looking for an active group of friends to play runescape with. 7. What do you like to do in OSRS (PvM/PvP/Skill)? slayer pvp pvm 8. List your clan history, include why you left clans or teams. no clan history. 9. Where did you hear about Forsaken? Met a member while doing a bank standing event thieving in ardy bank. 10. When accepted as a Junior, as stated in the rules here we require you to check forums daily. Are you aware of this? The rules state the forums should be checked frequently. 11. When accepted as a Junior you will also have a progression topic. You have to attend a minimum of 4 events in 8 weeks before you are accepted as a full Member. Do you have any additional comments for your joining introduction?
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