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  1. Nice introduction Welcome to Forsaken, looking forward to meet ya!
  2. Welcome back, hopefully you can make it this time. Put in some effort and get to know more people as that will help you a lot
  3. Bas

    John Wick 3

    Some of my friends say it's good. The trailer doesn't look to bad imo so perhaps it's time I start to watch the first 2 after I finished GoT
  4. Bas


    Our grill Jubita turned 24 today Have a nice day and I hope you got some nice presents!
  5. Had to sell some stuff... RIP bonk init Think I'm the last one of this clan?
  6. Bas

    Chill Room

    Starting to get a bit sick
  7. Grats Daan, nice place to level
  8. Forums | Discord: https://discord.gg/gGGr2Bp | GMT Based Community Clan | Forsakenclan cc ingame | Recruitment topic Forsaken's Sunday in the money caves 17 March 2019 On this fine day the money caves whispered we should pay them a visit to collect some money. Lots of cash obtained once again. There weren't many teams out today, we slayed a few little clanchats, cleared Jaja once and we ran into 2 different Litho teams who kept calling eachother for back up like 3 times. Overall good fun, with some nice little battles (we weren't going to fight 2 Litho teams at once, so the second the other team logged in we teled out). In addition to that, today we saw the return of our lost brother @Koby, this made us unstoppable today. Can we ever be stopped???
  9. Grats my boi, 126 incoming
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