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  1. More gay than us playing as metalboys on a medieval role playing game
  2. Hello there! Former elite member of ff here thats former because ff died when Di left baha
  3. When you're trying to make up the word count on your essay
  4. I always just get it at Christmas now, usually get a decent amount of play out of it but nothing close to what it used to be.. Black ops 4 I actually really liked when I had a couple of afternoons over Christmas but then I don’t think I touched it again lol. Modern Warfare has an odd feel but seems very fast, even faster than the gravity boots games, which I guess I’d enjoy more but meh will see how it is at Christmas I reckon
  5. Every cod looks good when it’s new but then it always gets old quickly in my experience nowadays.. Probably big expectations from how much you were able to play and play it as a kid
  6. Dan

    Polling PvP Updates

    Nothing will change and the ‘council’ will just be streamers edge pkers dmm geeks and maybe one rot kid
  7. Take it as it comes but every clan has banter so if you got offended in WG you could easily get offended here too lol
  8. Ticket already booked can’t wait
  9. Dan

    Sunday PK

    Forums | Discord: https://discord.gg/gGGr2Bp | GMT Based Community Clan | Forsakenclan cc ingame | Recruitment topic We owned it up in the revenant caves hell yes
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