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  1. Dan

    twisted bow

    Ffa as well fuck
  2. Dan

    Qatar getting banned

    Yh If we’ve done wrong I’ll be so disappointed in the club as the punishment would be fair. Would be nice for people to not assume we are guilty based on consistent media pressure but what are you gonna do, can’t have someone disrupting the established elite can you. If people would learn to read, this recommendation isn’t even based on the Der Spiegel ‘leaks’ as half of them probably aren’t real, and if they are they certainly aren’t credible for any legal proceedings lol
  3. Dan

    Ajax vs Spurs

    Ajax should take it, will be a good final against liverpool
  4. Dan

    Dragon 2h

  5. Dan


    Wasn’t it like 2m a bit ago? Why’s it crashed so ahrd
  6. Dan

    Warding Design Blog

    Too complicated
  7. Dan

    [Updated]Hydra pet

    Good pet but unlucky rather get claw
  8. Heard dmm would be cancelled in its current form late last summer, hopefully it gets some big changes or gets cancelled altogether, still too focused on people having 18+ hours a day to play. Nothing will change on osrs though, guarantee they’re just talking to streamers and irrelevant people
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