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  1. Hey Ashley welcome, glad to see you app
  2. Carl

    Chill Room

    Key word... "IF"
  3. Carl

    Chill Room

    trophy is a trophy! combined we still winning hbu?
  4. Carl

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    @Chris 20 premier leagues hbu?
  5. Carl

    Football Discussion

    fuck liverpool
  6. Carl

    Adam Cf

    You're a decent lad at heart, but you need to legit sort your head out and quit the game for a couple months, keeping you in the community we would be doing you more harm then good. This is your problem and you need to deal with it and blaming those that have given you a home here for all these years isnt the way to go, i personally couldnt care less of your opinions on me or the bullshit you tried to pull (hence why i didnt kick you) but when you disrespect the community and those that have put in the effort and hours for us to have these times together then we have a problem. I'd suggest coming back in a couple months and you'll be more then welcome to rejoin the Community. p.s - you'll obvs get your Veteran Rank for sure for your services during our warring days.
  7. Forsaken Firemaking Comp Results [17th - 21st June 2019] [SKILL COMP #10] After 5 days of Firemaking we have the results for the Skilling Comp, would like to say thanks to everyone that took part. Points have been added to Skilling Rankings found here: https://www.forsakenclan.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=13363 The Competition Results was based on Ehp Only: 1ST: 7.5M @@Nytram 26.26 2ND: 5M @@Peyj 19.07 3RD: 2.5M @@Mas1991 10.07 @@Out 8.95 @@Robbiboi 7.51 @@Carl 4.11 @@Spook3y 3.33 @@GazSale 2.69 @@Fish3r 2.63 @@Bas 2.46 @@Im_Will 1.82 @@Don_Mcgee 1.75 @@Moses 1.73 @@Beke1 1.54 @@Cedric 1.48 @@Koby 1.18 @@Tom08894 1.12 @@WanderTheSee 1.04 @@kieran 0.48 @@hardgoan 0.31 @@Zenaz 0.23 @@Aizen 0.1 Additional Info: Total EHP Gained: 99.86 Total EXP Gained: +43,807,257 (lvl 99 x 3) Total LVLS Gained: 188 ( @Moses 59) Pets Obtained: 0 TRACKERS: https://crystalmathlabs.com/tracker/competitions.php?competition=20918
  8. "Human interaction has been reduced to nothing more then Data Postcount"
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