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  1. Retarded, but kinda funny to watch
  2. @Raams is still my favourite pvmer in this game
  3. Bolern

    twisted bow

    ez dollars for you
  4. Bolern


    Happy birthday old fart
  5. Bolern

    D pic

    send all your d pics to raams btw
  6. Welcome Ryan A friend of Kieran is a friend of Forsaken
  7. Bolern

    The State of PvP

    3 years too late with most of the updates. At least make that looting bag useable everywhere on pvp worlds, so people might actually pvm and stuff there and make the new amulet of avarice note drops everywhere. Maybe make it so you cant teleport within 5 seconds if you are wearing it or something aswell.
  8. Welcome Seems like a good guy and i think i pk'd with you like a year ago ~ with kill boy and a few others in single. If you need tips about doing the inferno you should speak to our finest pvmer @Raams Looking forward to see you joining in future.
  9. Bolern


    I don't know what to say o.O
  10. Bolern

    Sunday pk trip

    Missed it, but looks like you guys had a blast
  11. easy runescape dollars for both of you
  12. Bolern

    twisted bow

    Thats what you get for loosing the semi
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