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  1. Bolern


    Grats ^^ easy 5.5m
  2. Welcome Will Be active on discord to get to know people
  3. Bolern

    zammy spear

    grats, only all other items left now :p or you could have bought it in ge :>
  4. Bolern

    Fucking dks

    oh well, 4m you didnt have before
  5. dang its actually worth something now o.O Grats
  6. Welcome to forums Raz and keep on grinding for that quest cape Make sure to be active on our discord aswell to get to know people while you are training and keep us updated on that quest cape/ slayer grind via the achievements forum section^^
  7. Bolern


    could of had 160 then
  8. Bolern


    could have been 80m tho :/
  9. Welcome to fsk Tayo Didnt see your pm before now, but dont hestitate to ask me about anything.
  10. Welcome to FSK Kurt Glad to see you back scaping ^^