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  1. Welcome Really nice intro and ye VR will allways be VR
  2. Hyped as fuck about this, but sadly i wont be able to play for at least another week. Anyone interested to play a few games next weekend? Hit me up on discord, may even make it into an event if enough people want to join in.
  3. Welcome to back Make sure to join our discord and get to know people there
  4. LOL not even 2.2k total smh
  5. Bolern


    Interesting indeed. So much potential in hes writing aswell, as long as they dont fuck it up with bad cgi
  6. Welcome to forums first of all There might be a few with accounts around that combat lvl here, but not sure if they even play on them anymore. It's a nice account you have there, but the zerk/mid lvl clanning scene is pretty much gone from the game. There are probably some 1 defence pure clans around with similiar combat lvls, but they dont accept people with defence :/
  7. Hyped as fuck for this, but i probably wont have much time to play it
  8. Weird looking cat o.O but grats should post daily cat pic on telegram with the rest from now on then
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