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  1. Nytram

    formula one

    This. I still watch it when i'm hungover in bed though. Will be another boring Hamilton season.
  2. mfw i actually forget about arma 2 lmfao
  3. Wanna tell me what BR was around in 2009? BR really kicked off 2016ish with H1Z1/The Culling/ION.. Then we got PUBG and Fortnite in 2017.. RoE/COD/CSGO /RR in 2018 and now Apex in 2019. I guess the trend is that people move from one to the other so could work in BF favour.
  4. Nytram

    Bolern v kbdick

    Both probs shit on the sesh
  5. Welcome to Forsaken Klan.
  6. Only 18months late on the battle royale.
  7. Nytram

    Tune of the week #65

    Jesus Christ i waited forever for the drop
  8. Nytram

    You got a friend in me

    Should of left it as #2
  9. Welcome to Forsaken Klan.
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