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  1. Aint no 99 fletching cape
  2. Subbed. Should probs look for some sponsors tbh
  3. Dunno why you didnt use your lamp on fletching or strength exp tbh
  4. Matt

    Holiday 2019

    Gunna be busy till the end of the year, if things go well ill probs go to south america at the end tho. Got an Argentinian chica i need to pay a visit to, if you get what im saying
  5. Worse than an Pest control product
  6. Matt

    Sunday pk

    Nice ownage b's
  7. Got hacked within 24 hours of coming back to RS. Guess the comeback is off lul

    1. Pal


      Authenticator bro 

    2. Matt


      No phone bro

  8. Snowboarding and kickboxing, good tastes right there. Sup.
  9. Matt

    Farming Pet

    Why you farming when you're maxed nub?
  10. Matt


    Reddit is the source of all things shite
  11. Gutted i missed out on 1 ticking iron for 10 hours a day