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  1. When they say you can use looting bags on pvp worlds, atleast make it so you can use them everywhere and not in acouple of dogshit locations.
  2. Matt

    liverpool or totenham

    Spurs are wank
  3. Should just pull an all nighter outside the venue, crate of bevvy's and your laptops. Would be pretty jokes tbh, being first in, coming in steaming the next day hahaha. But ya the location is fucking wank, SW london is a dive at the best of times.
  4. Legit just watched some of the vid, holy fuck this guy is a sweat ass virgin, some of those methods he uses make me feel abit sick.
  5. Rofl i just looked at the loc, its not even in london what the fuck. Also you cant even bring your own food in, yet its £150 for a ticket, legit just milking retards for cash.
  6. Majority of scapers are bellends or neets, cant think of many things worse than going to a gathering for them irl.
  7. Matt

    Vetion Pet!!!

    this x 1000000000. You jammy fucker.
  8. KB isnt members atm, and my tank's will be wank. Pretty sure not all my drops are logged either tbh.
  9. All those pvp updates are either non storys or in the case of the CC one, like 4 years too late.... Legit just want a fucking g maul fix and double hides nerf jagex you shit company!
  10. Matt

    Your turn rickeh 2

    rickeh 1 > rickeh 2
  11. You love skilling dont lie
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