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  1. Matt

    More tob

    Do rich get richer yo
  2. Gratz, bet alot of kids are on 5k+ no pets
  3. O and a mouse which you can change the DPI + speed on, is hella nice.
  4. Atleast his motherboard in that list has 4 DDR slots, can always get more at a later date. Although if its cheap atm (not sure if it is for europe, cos states is alot cheaper) to buy RAM maybe get 2 8's instead of 2 4's. Ryzen processors are pretty solid all rounders. Solid state drive is a winner aswell. Probs could save liek £50 getting a case with inbuilt cooling + PSU off ebay (i did and its decent), can also nab really good screens for cheap there. As for graphics card's i dont know much, other than most are expensive, but some cheaper second hand stuff can be good, if you dont want to play the newest games on super HD settings.
  5. Matt

    anutha one

    when it rains it pours
  6. Matt

    rally cross

    This is rallying
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