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  1. Rob

    Mining comp

    skiller nerds
  2. Rob

    most popular beer

    Asahi If you know, you know
  3. Sorry your application has been turned down
  4. Dunno why the fuck you'd leave mining to last, gl lad
  5. Imagine not being maxed in 2019 lmfao
  6. All my old IRL friends intermittently play RS and are dotted throughout the country, we'd probably go for jokes but the location is bullshit, all hotels/air BnBs go so quick and are overpriced because of the event. It's a £400-500 weekend easy.
  7. @Out has 3 maxed F2P RS3 accounts and is on his away to achieving one on OSRS!
  8. Id go but its literally in the arse end of nowhere
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