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  1. A friend of wobbi? How? Welcome gaz! Hope you have fun
  2. Drop received: Avernic defenderDate of drop: 17-7-2019Shared or FFA?: SharedOther participating members: @Meulendijks4 @RonnieScreenshot: https://gyazo.com/1e7422921a4278bb797f4825b33f12c6
  3. Maik

    Purple chest

    ty for sharing im your tob master
  4. Was fun i gained alot! Thanks for contributing all
  5. Maik

    [Updated]106 dry

    Drop received: Avernic defender hilt Date of drop: 26-6-2019 Shared or FFA?: FFA Other participating members: - Screenshot:
  6. Duuuuude share me some luck! Im hunting that shit!
  7. Wooooot gratz man! many more to come!
  8. Easy ornament kit boysssssss
  9. Maik

    [Updated]Duo Acb

    Didnt know arma drops acb. gratz on the loot boys!
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