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  1. eat cow shit When video says "best footage" and the first clip is filmed with a potato that's just been harvested from the land
  2. Meulendijks4


    finally man, gz!
  3. my career ended. Thanks
  4. soz @Bas gotta do it with this http://prntscr.com/p3uo6t
  5. how to break a dry streak, nice
  6. ffa tbow + 1b which you've built over the years is 2b, ez game
  7. Meulendijks4

    elves quest

    inside the city it's pretty dead as there's barely anything to do, gauntlet is nice and added a new solo pvm challenge (hard mode, normal mode is easy af) and zalcano seems to be liked by most, but I don't find it that enjoyable. Overall a nice update but nothing too groundbreaking imo
  8. Drop received: Ghrazi Rapier Date of drop: 29-7 Shared or FFA?: Shared Other participating members: @DoSoQi Screenshot:
  9. Drop received: Ghrazi rapier Date of drop: 22-7 Shared or FFA?: Shared Other participating members: @Ronnie Screenshot:
  10. Meulendijks4


    I don't know, I'm not really a skiller and the way to train it seems pretty boring too, but I do understand how the skill does make sense. Still doubting, will have to look more into it
  11. Idk man, my ring luck is not all too bad. Only 2 leathers in 2k+ kc though
  12. Meulendijks4


    ohwell @Bas there is nothing to LMFAO when you support Feyenoord, especially after losing 0-2 vs ADO when one of the greatest players the club has ever seen and a good trainer are leaving on that day, while Ajax takes the league meanwhile.
  13. Meulendijks4

    Ajax vs Spurs

    I think the only ones who got really lucky were Real and Juve that they didn't get humiliated on the scoreboard in their own stadium by Ajax, while 1-4 was already amazing against Real, even though they had a huge chance with Varane in the 5th minute that could've turned the game around in Real's favor. I just hope that Ajax wins, obviously I am an Ajax fan but I'm also a football fan and heavily against the amount of money that is thrown away in football to buy players. If it was PSV, our big rivals, in the semi finals, I'd be supporting PSV as well at this stage.
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