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  1. Wow no mention for the guy who recruited you? Welcome dudio!
  2. Drop received: Warrior ringDate of drop: 15:3Shared or FFA?: ffaOther participating members: Screenshot:
  3. 2 dragon chains aint small drops bro
  4. Drop received: Berserker ringDate of drop: 14/3Shared or FFA?: ffaOther participating members: /Screenshot:
  5. Getting you 99 slayer is the highlight of my rs carreer
  6. was fun as always
  7. Mas1991

    Chill Room

    chill room's dead bro
  8. Wouldn't it make more sense to just make a megathread per season then? Either way is fine with me. Points changes seem fair too
  9. Good stuff, I'm glad clans are reopening!
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