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  1. Mulkens


    Hbd u polish machine
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    Hey man hbd enjoy your day
  3. Im a bit late but hbd my fav salt shaker
  4. Mulkens

    New graphics

    Cool thx jubi
  5. Gz almost maxed and almost all the pets
  6. Mulkens


    Yes one of many to come
  7. Was wondering, what are your favorite fight(s) with FSK? Personally my favorites are: The PKRI we had vs Downfall. This was at a time Downfall had a bigger ml than us and pulled better than us. We had a fight vs Ronin on top of the hill near ghorrock but Downfall and RoT came to crash and we hopped and moved to spiders. RoT left us alone and we spammed Downfall to come and fight us, eventually they decided to come and we had an insanely competitive and fun fight. The (P2P) PKRI we had vs Vitality north of spider, near the black knight This was when we first started to actively pk in P2P. We would usually encounter Vit but usually they would win these encounters because they were more experienced at P2P while we were fairly new at it. This time though, it was very competitive and we had an amazing performance with people stepping up to call the whole time. Eventually they decided to end.
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