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  1. Thanks all for the kind messages :-) Hey Serpion - not sure I could put myself through grinding up an OSRS account. The one I registered is still sat on Level 3 I think ..! Haha, would also have accepted "with a straw" :-P No need to focus on my shortcommings ...! ;-) Hey Kieran, yea I do remember you, nice to see you're still around. Yea not too bad thanks Jake, still quite busy but less so now my MSc is over. Hope you're good too. I do indeed, for better and worse <3
  2. Reason for Introduction Raams convinced blackmailed me with a secret agenda. Current and Past Display Names H A Richards IRC Registered Name HAR Do you know anyone in Forsaken? If yes, who? I believe so, Ramms reeled off quite a few familiar names but I imagine there are a few more I would otherwise recognise if not for name changes. Tell us about yourself (IRL Name/Age/Interests/Hobbies/Games) A minimum of 40 words here My name is Huw, I'm a 24 year old exploration geologist and I've just finished my second masters degree, primarily due to feeling that I hadn't spent quite enough money on higher education yet ... in order to still be gainfully unemployed. Main hobby is umpiring high level field hockey (have done a senior's international between ENG v HOL and up to national premier league level). Started playing RS back in 2003 and clanned (predominantly in CWA) for 7-8 of the latter years before "finally" quitting in 2013. Recently fell victim to RS's addictiveness and have already no lifed 12m exp in 12 days FML. I have a (very) dark and sarcastic sense of humour. List all previous Clans and Teams Clan Europe - been there since 07 and am the only individual to hold the esteemed 'disgraced Legend' having pissed off Dimi enough so much to be demoted from Leader but not quite kicked. Euphoria - founded this team following my untimely demise in CE. TKO Blitz Silent Ember Dragonwood Genesis Anything else you wish to add This tickled me. I'm glad to see there is still no shortage of jokes regarding Mike's dwarfism #sorrynotsorry inb4ban
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