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  1. kbdick

    Onyx Bolt's

    congratufuckinglations m8 that's HUGE
  2. hey man welcome to forsaken we a big strong community i'm sure you will find your fit somewhere
  3. kbdick

    Diving Discussion

    i've never gone diving dunno if i would enjoy. looks kinda scary imo and i'm not good at breathing through my mouth
  4. Very nice intro! Welcome to Forsaken, hopefully you can hop into NMZ a bit so you can join us in some higher level activities
  5. good looking intro friend, welcome to forsaken
  6. it's all about the grind my friend, keep up the good work
  7. welcome to forsaken friend
  8. kbdick


  9. hey man welcome to forsaken, hope you enjoy your stay
  10. big own dude congrats
  11. lets talk about dex baby lets talk about your rng lets talk about all the good rng all the bad rng that maybe lets talk aboutttt dex
  12. thought about it but dont really wanna pre order it :/ looks nice tho
  13. sick topic bas, dunno why i expected it to be on your main but ye
  14. who's this foooooking guy, welcome friend
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