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  1. Hey guys, I'm not very good at picture editing and stuff and was hoping/wondering if anyone in their spare time would make me a sick signature I can use. I'm not picky just want Fsk/Forsaken in it and my name: RHYZi Thanks so much!!!
  2. RHYZi


    Nice to meet you mate!!
  3. RHYZi


    Hello all!! Thank you for making me feel so welcomed!
  4. Reason for Introduction Saw the clan on twitter and became interested Current and Past Display Names Deputy Rhyzi Are you registed on Discord? Not yet, I am working on it. Do you know anyone in Forsaken? If yes, who? Splodge Tell us about yourself (IRL Name/Age/Interests/Hobbies/Games) A minimum of 40 words here My name is Jacob, I am 21 years old, I have played hockey all of my life up to a year ago, i now just work full time and play osrs any time I am not working! List all previous Clans and Teams I cant remember my first clan but it was when i met splodge, me and him together went to envy, and then I've been free of clans for a year now looking to get back into the game! Anything else you wish to add I am super excited to meet everyone in the forsaken community and to make some awesome friends! add me: Deputy Rhyzi
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