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  1. disagreements with how the leader treats members. very bad p2p trips it was kinda depressing.
  2. uhhh im not in ronin anymore lol.
  3. Reason for Introduction Just trying to meet new people Current and Past Display Names Stevo prodigy Stevo Prods Stevo Prodss XiexieStevo Ching ling (Current) Are you registered on Discord? yes Do you know anyone in Forsaken? If yes, who? No one specifically Tell us about yourself (IRL Name/Age/Interests/Hobbies/Games) A minimum of 40 words here My name is Steven and im 24 years old. I love paintballing its all i ever do sometimes on weekends. As far as games I play league of legends, PUBG and h1z1. Recently just been skilling on runescape trying to max out my total. List all previous Clans and Teams Ronin and thats it. Anything else you wish to add Nope
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