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  1. Can always set up a forsaken Minecraft one that is private if you like.
  2. Banana

    Holiday 2019

    Hawaii in 2 weeks
  3. Praise the lord. Pleased to meet you @@Tiffany , it's as if I haven't even known you for 7+ years
  4. Banana

    New avatars

    They will replace the default avatars whenever I get a chance today or tomorrow.
  5. Banana


    Canada (Vancouver) with fam, followed by the big move to Dublin, Ireland for le job at Facebook. So gonna be spending the majority of the summer of my time off (when not training) exploring Dublin since I've only been there once before. After which I'll probably explore whatever country they send me off to which consists of a data center, so perhaps SF, Iceland and a few others .
  6. Banana

    Merry christmas

    Merry Christmas and happy new year. As for me, I'll be having Christmas dinner with the family and playing board games with the cousins afterwards. This Christmas is just doing uni work or preparing for interviews really. Hopefully my next one will be a lot more relaxing.
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