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  1. I think this right here is about as accurate as it could get. That trap was extremely effective. For a lot of us it was a lifestyle; Especially when we found our way into clanning. Awesome to read your viewpoint. I hope more share theirs!
  2. I guess I could start this off. I shared a few of my experiences in the actual topic, but a lot of my feelings go towards the people met. Anyone who knows me, knows I was always in it for the people not the game; I probably am the worst Runescape player out there. But this game as brought me countless amazing friendships. There are people like @Raams and @Banana who I legitimately could not imagine my life without. I cannot count how many times I've sat up late at night talking to Joost about life; our relationships, goals, ect. Or how amazing it has been to have a "big brother" role with Charlie and watch this kid who joined Team Ninja Turtles grow into an amazing Clan Official and build himself a fantastic career IRL. People like @Joksu and @Ukki who, even though they are drunken Finns, are legit people who I will want at my wedding should I find a woman crazy enough to marry me. There are countless people I could name who each have shared special moments and bonds together that no one would understand, but we know. I think being one of the older members of Forsaken and watching some people step up when opportunity was granted to them and watching them become amazing leaders or valuable members of the Clan has been one of the best experiences of my 10 or so years of clanning tenure. Guys like @Bolern, @Jordy, @Out, and @Carl. It's been a true pleasure being apart of that all. Thank you so much to everyone for such a great ride.
  3. Hey guys, It's been a hot minute since I've written up an "xMike Topic", but I was talking to a friend of mine today and I got inspired to start a little discussion here. So we've all been playing this game for quite some time; Some of us more than half our lives (I, myself, am around 17 years as gross as that sounds). In this time we have interacted with thousands of players. Different people with so many variety of personalities from different backgrounds and walks of lives. We've experienced cultures and languages, different countries with different beliefs that we otherwise wouldn't have been exposed to would we have not logged on to Runescape.com so long ago. Myself, I would never have thought much about people from Brazil, or the difference between Belgs and the Dutchies. I would never have even really given a second thought of countries like Finland or Latvia or even that there is an island called Malta just south of Italy. Places where I have met some of the most unforgettable and truly amazing people in my life. As goofy as this game may be, it has exposed us to a lot of great things and even opened our eyes to some of the darkness the world and humanity has to offer whether that be that people have the potential to scam other people for their hard earned money, or even that a "friend" I had known for years could throw away that friendship over 1000 Yew Logs back in 2005 (Yes I still remember that you little shit). It has shown us that you could truly grow to love and admire someone without even seeing their face or hearing this voice. I guess what I'm trying to get to is, this game, as weird as it may be, has been a place where a lot of us have grown up with and learned a lot of valuable life lessons. So for discussion value, I would like for you to embrace my curiosity and share some of the things you've experienced from Runescape that you most likely would not have without. What kind of things have you learned from your time in Runescape? Who are some people you met that have transcended well past this "game" in your lives? Has the game had any sort of influence on your life? Be it positive or negative? Love life, career paths, ect. Or anything else you feel like sharing! All I ask is that you keep it respectable and stay true to the topic. P.S. I hope you all are doing fantastic. Even though I have drifted off from the "active" role of clanning and Runescape, the love is still there and Forsaken will always be home! Much love my friends
  4. You always were such a great guy to have around and chat to. Welcome back bud
  5. Buddy irl plays it. Never really tried WoW tbh
  6. Read this App, thought of Ashley by Escape the Fate, played the song, two hours of music nostalgia later I have finally returned to your post. Welcome aboard
  7. Welcome! What role do you normally play on FFIV? I haven't played in a while but my friends irl have been going pretty hardcore lately with the new release. Dancer actually looks surprisingly fun.
  8. xMike

    Adam Cf

    Not been around as much as I wished I could have but I definitely know you are a great dude and have all the love in the world for ya. That being said, Forsaken has always been a family. We have to be good by our own first and foremost. Hopefully whatever demons are ailing you right now get fixed and you get welcomed back. You're a great dude and I know that whatever events went down do not define who you are as a person!
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