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  1. Cool Story Brah No1 Cares Fam InniT
  2. There goes my feelings ....
  3. Welcome bro who is your IRL friend ? & As Bas said bit more info on number 6 coz I’m a nosy bastard
  4. Robbiboi

    Onyx Bolt's

    Drop received: Onyx Bolts Date of drop: 09/10/2019 Shared or FFA?: FFA Other participating members: Pete N00B, UZ1 , RallewellyN2, Brid Laden, miss Naomii && maybe more I cant remember Screenshot:
  5. 1 of my closest friends irl does Diving, he even teaches people how to dive. I got no idea what part of diving or whatever he does. I know he's spent about £60k irl on shit, and he needs a big car to put all his kit into. He's been abroad diving for 2 weeks and all we got out of him was the coke etc was really expensive however spirits was dirt cheap. He also been diving north of Scotland and he said he loved it, shame it was cold.
  6. Robbiboi

    Hydra Leather

    Drop received: Hydra's Leather Date of drop: 08/10/2019 Shared or FFA?: FFA Other participating members: N/A Screenshot:
  7. all you deserve tbh
  8. LooooooL Welcome man & give us back Maddie !!!
  9. Good Luck Naomi on ur QP cape goal & Welcome to Forsaken
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