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  1. Dale, Keiran, and myself are going get down for FSK rep
  2. Drop received: dex Date of drop: 17/7/2019 Shared or FFA?: Shared Other participating members: NA Screenshot:
  3. By the time Aizen hits current max it'll have same number of skills as RS3
  4. Mfw buster is maxed melee before me
  5. +1 https://gyazo.com/939b7e3a9424c7dd5664abf1f58a3b3a +8 shards before collection log https://gyazo.com/c9b75073072ff83961c72aa88b6a5493 +1 sara hilt before collection log
  6. Drop received: Dex prayer scroll Date of drop: 27/5/2019 Shared or FFA?: shared Other participating members: @Dale Screenshot:
  7. Im_Will


    Was about to post this but ^
  8. Some serious dedication! big grats man
  9. just need a tbow @Bas and you can make bank mate
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