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  1. Myself on the far right, Kieran next to me, and Dale on the far left with mod Archie and IRL friend
  2. Im_Will

    Sara hilt

    Took you long enough, I think I've had four in ~500 kc
  3. Im_Will

    elves quest

    I actually enjoyed the quest, some similarities between sote and the priff quest on RS3. Haven't done much in the city as I've been grinding prayer out but looks decent content but not much of it if I'm honest.
  4. Dale, Keiran, and myself are going get down for FSK rep
  5. Drop received: dex Date of drop: 17/7/2019 Shared or FFA?: Shared Other participating members: NA Screenshot:
  6. Another Brit good times. Welcome to FSK
  7. By the time Aizen hits current max it'll have same number of skills as RS3
  8. Mfw buster is maxed melee before me
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