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What other games do you play? What clients do you use?

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Addicted to and decent in:


Rocket League


Decent in but barely play due to addiction in other games:



Like but almost never play:


Battlefield 1


Thinking about buying:

Battlefield v - I liked bf 1 but barely played it due to my PUBG addiction. So I'm not sure if I'll spend that much money again to barely play a game

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steam id ; loveanimee3

lol eune ; NekoTop


don't really play any games besides rarely csgo and league. And scape all day ofc :thumbsup:

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Next to Runescape I play:

PS4: Fortnite, Overwatch, Red Dead Redemption 2
PC: Medieval 2 Total War (singleplayer)

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The games i dabble with here and there, mainly all with mods:


Civ3, Crusader kings 2, Some of the total war games, Mount and blade, championship manager 01/02, Xcom 2

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Games are non existent

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Origin: DoxCT

Battle.net: Re1gn#1645


Origin Games: BF1, BFV, Battlefront 2

Battlenet Games: Overwatch, Blops 4

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