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[Results] Runecrafting Comp

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Forsaken Runecrafting Comp Results
[22nd - 26th June 2019]


After 5 days of Runecrafting we have the results for the Skilling Comp, would like to say thanks to everyone that took part. Points have been added to Skilling Rankings found here: https://www.forsakenclan.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=13363

The Competition Results was based on Ehp Only:

1ST: 7.5M 

@@Buster 27



2ND: 5M

@@Zenaz 20


3RD: 2.5M

@@Robbiboi 12


@@Jordy 8


@@Mas1991 4

@@Fish3r 4

@@WanderTheSee 4

@@Spook3y 4

@@Mcbasher 2

@@kbdick 1

@@anti 1

@@kieran 1


-----Everybody else gained under the 1EHP-----


Additional Info:

Total EHP Gained: 93

Total EXP Gained:  +6,397,175 (lvl 99) x 0)

Total LVLS Gained: 70 ( @Robbiboi25)
Pets Obtained: 1





People who signedup before start: https://crystalmathlabs.com/tracker/competitions.php?competition=20427

People who were added after start: https://crystalmathlabs.com/tracker/competitions.php?competition=20437


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Gj all that achieved over 1ehp in one of the worse skills going :oksign:

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Well played everybody :) came 3rd I think a day late in the comp 

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Good job everyone, and grats Buster!

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Grats buster

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Grats Busta

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