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Discord Guide

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Discord Guide



Firstly, I highly recommend that you download the client, though it isn't mandatory to do so it helps a ton and the features work a lot smoother than they do on chrome (Edit: if you use Linux, there isn't a stable desktop client available so you'll need to use discord on the browser or use the experimental desktop client)



Discord invite link for client: https://discord.gg/gGGr2Bp

Discord link: http://www.discord.me/forsakenclan



How to connect





Firstly, click on this link: http://www.discord.me/forsakenclan

You will be greeted with a page similar to this. Put your forums name on this link and click continue.














When you connect





1- Text Channels: These are basically the IRC channels we have, there is the levels of members only chat, a staff only chat and public ones. Basically, think of it as IRC with public and private channels. 


2- Voice Channels: The Teamspeak aspect, these will be available to anyone that is approved on the discord. There are no member-only channels as of yet but yeah we can make them if there's a demand for it


3- Members list: basically it shows who's online, similar to IRC, also shows who can see the chat depending what chat you're on.


4- Chat bit: chat goes here do i really need to explain this lmfao


5- Options cog: Basically this is how you change your user settings, this is important for if you want to use Push to talk or change settings







Important User Settings




To reach user settings, you must click the cog to the bottom left of your discord browser/client.


Account - For this you can change your avatar, username & email address


Text and Images 


If you do not want images to show up immediately (Data concerns) untick the first two boxes, the same can go for the link preview from links pasted to the chat.


Voice - Very important, you can use push to talk on discord but to set it up you would go from here, remember to use the correct input and output devices.


Appearance - you can make it so you can have the pictures from everyone's accounts removed by picking the compact option, this makes it look more like IRC.





How to set up notifications





Make sure you have the red boxes below enabled. If you enable the others as well you will receive a lot of notifications, while these will only give you notifications on important messages. Rightclick the server logo to get to notification settings. After that simply enable what's needed.










How to change volumes/mute





To mute or to lower/raise the volume of people right click the person in the channel and you get this menu, from there you can change the  volume, mute or add as a friend.








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